By Sophie Laskar-Haller, sound by Carlos Ibanez Diaz
Graduation film at HSLU co-production RTS 2013

Newspaper News

By Sophie Laskar
Sound and composition by Judith Gruber-Stitzer
co-production: papier perforé and RTS 2019

Around the Stairway

Georges Schwizgebel, Jonathan Laskar, Delia Hess, Charlotte Waltert, Camille Müller, Gabriel Möhring, Pierre Funck, Elena Madrid, Sophie Laskar, Anja Sidler, Vlad Lukyantsev. Produced by papier perforé

Kinderspiel / Child’s Play

By Charlotte Waltert & Sophie Haller
Student film at HSLU 2010

Commissioned films

Story Lab information clip (commissioned by Migros Kulturprozent)

Official Fantoche Trailer 2018

History of Virginity

By Sophie Laskar commissioned by Mirjam von Arx
Written by Michèle Wannaz and Mirjam von Arx
Production: ICAN films 2012

Büderchen Winter

By Charlotte Waltert, coloration by Sophie Laskar-Haller
co-production HSLU & RTS 2012